Beautifully Damaged

Beautifully Damaged - L.A. Fiore Beautifully Damaged is a wonderful and completely satisfying story that kept me up reading well into the wee morning hours. What made this book for me was Trace, he truly is beautifully damaged. Abuse, neglect, and guilt has shaped him into a man who on the outside is a womanizing bad boy, but on the inside is a lost little boy with a huge heart whole feels unworthy of love. The relationship he shares with Ember is intense and full of twisty turns, I never knew where it was going to go. Trace keeps trying to push Ember away but Ember sees past Trace's 'don't give a damn' facade and doesn't easily give up on him. The plot did tend to drag in areas but it still kept me constantly engaged.

Dark, sexy, mysterious - Beautifully Damaged is a page-turner of a story that you will never want to end!