Game for Marriage

Game for Marriage - Karen  Erickson I do so love reading about sexy sports stars, throw in a steamy romance and a strong heroine, and you've hooked me!

Jared Quinn, star quarterback of the San Jose Hawks, is in need of an image booster after a recent scandal. Sheridan Harper is an artist and gallery owner struggling for financial stability. After one steamy night together in a crappy motel, Jared's publicist insists on a marriage between them that will be beneficial to both. Jared will get the clean image he needs to keep his job and Sheridan will get the money and recognition she desperately needs to keep her grandmother's gallery open. But before Sheridan will agree to the bogus marriage she has one condition of her own. The only problem is, she instantly regrets it after the papers are signed. Risking their marriage being null, desire flares between Jared and Sheridan. When they must face the consequences of their actions though, will the foundation they've built be strong enough to hold up against the scandal? And will their hearts survive the aftermath?

I really liked Game for Marriage. Jared Quinn was a sexy and irresistible hero while Sheridan Harper was a strong heroine to respect. Their story was wonderfully written with good pacing to keep you engaged. Yes, it was somewhat predictable, but cute nonetheless. Funny, sexy, short and sweet making for a great escape from the everyday. Recommended to contemporary romance and sports fans looking for a fun, heartfelt romance to dive into. I'm looking forward to more stories from Jared's sexy football friends!