Cherished - Maya Banks, Lauren Dane Sway - 4 Stars
I love Lauren Dane's stories. They're captivating, sensual and always entertaining. But her writing style doesn't always flow for me and I find it to be a bit choppy sometimes while reading. However, when the characters are exceptional, like in Sway, that doesn't distract me from the story.
The story of Daisy and Levi was fun and sexy. I really enjoyed Daisy's unique character, she was definitely her own person and refused to conform to anyone else's standards. She was the complete opposite of Levi but ended up being his perfect fit. There was plenty of ups and downs to their hot and heavy relationship; Levi insecurities about Daisy's much younger age as well as Daisy's worry about not fitting the 'mold' of Levi's first wife and companions. Their sexual relationship was smokin' hot with some light bondage and D/s. I enjoyed all of the characters of Delicious and look forward to more stories from them and for fans of the Brown Siblings, there are a few cameos in Sway. ;)