Night Thief

Night Thief - Lisa Kessler A quick and enticing bite from The Night Series world; Night Thief, was a fantastic little read to whet my appetite for the next full-length release in the spring, Night Demon.

Marguerite Rousseau is willing to lie, steal and cheat to get the money she needs to escape her sadistic master to the New World with her young cousin and as Le Voleur D’or, she gets away with it. Until one mysterious nobleman isn't fooled by her seductive act. Kane Bordeaux has been around centuries, living in France since the genocide of his people. As a Night Walker, Kane protects humans by night and feeds on the blood of the depraved but never truly lives until he witnesses a woman lifting the purse off a gentleman. Intrigued by the Golden Thief, he lures her nearer by tempting her with his pocket watch. But one night in his company leads to severe punishment from her master and Kane is determined to keep her safe but Marguerite doesn't hand out her trust easily. Vampire or Night Walker? Savior or monster? Who is the elegant stranger who claims to want only to protect her and ignites a burning passion inside of her?

Packed full of suspense; Night Thief was one huge story in small packaging. I was actually worried towards the end there that there wouldn't be a HEA for these characters! A prequel to the Night series, despite the #1.5, Night Thief entrances readers with Kane, one of the first Night Walkers and a God among his people. Sadly though, thanks to an un-stoppable demon, Kane had to leave his brothers and leads a pretty solitary existence now in France. I loved how despite societies strictures he never fully conformed to what those in his class would consider fashionable or even acceptable. He lived his life how he saw fit , not others. Even when Marguerite thought him to be a monster, he stayed true to himself. The chemistry between Kane and Marguerite was palpable and I was rooting for them from the beginning. Marguerite was such a strong and determined character as well, I really enjoyed reading about her and Kane. A wonderful read from author Lisa Kessler and I look forward to more from this fantastic paranormal romance series!