Down for the Count

Down for the Count - Christine  Bell Down for the Count was a fun, sexy, and satisfying read from author Christine Bell!

Lacey Garrity finds her husband-to-be in the closet with one of her closest friends the day of her wedding. Humiliated and hurting, she flees the reception hall and is helped by an unlikely hero, her best friend's brother. A man she thought would be laughing at her expense, not dashing to her rescue. With a little push from her best friend Cat, Lacey finds herself agreeing to a honeymoon in Puerto Rico with her rescuer, Galen Thomas. The hot island sun isn't the only thing heating up when they reach their destination. Lacey and Galen both succumb to the mutual attraction that they've had and hid since childhood, but with an overbearing mother and the fight of a career standing between them will their passion end with the week or will it be strong enough to stand against reality when it comes calling?

Down for the Count was such an enjoyable read. I absolutely loved Galen! He was everything that Lacey needed at a horrific time in her life, even if it meant putting himself, and his heart, at risk. Galen had always had a thing for Lacey but considered her off limits since she was his sister's best friend. But when she needed him, he was there for her to help her forget her pain and teach her to spread her wings. He is an infinitely charming, sexy and compelling hero.
Lacey always thought Galen hated her because of the way he always teased her, little did she realize that he did all that to hide his true feelings for her. A bit naive and sheltered, Lacey let's her mother run her life and is constantly being used by others. Galen helps opens her eyes that she is her own person, answerable only to herself. I really felt bad for Lacey and fist pumped when she finally let go.
Lacey and Galen's time in Puerto Rico and romantic journey was entertaining, funny, sizzling hot and heart-warming. The author did an amazing job weaving all of these elements together with incredibly endearing characters and the suspense of the relationship's outcome building to the very end with a conclusion that left me smiling. I can't wait to read more from this series!

A recommended read for contemporary romance fans looking for something to warm them up this winter!