Wolf Flight

Wolf Flight - Vivian Arend In the second installment of the Granite Lake Wolves series two high school sweethearts who have more in common than they ever could have imagined are reunited when one's life is threaten and another's is falling apart.
Tad Maxwell is half wolf, half human and will not come into his wolf unless he has sex with someone else of his kind. But Tad refuses to give into his wolf and a meaningless liaison, his human side and principals rule too strong. And so he fights every day to bury that part of him. Until the girl he once loved shows up and turns his world upside down.
Missy Leason is running from her pack and almost out of time. A viscous alpha wants to claim Missy and use her for her Omega powers, willing to break both human and wolf laws if that means a rise in his own power. Missy hopes that Tad can save her but that means confessing secrets and convincing him that they're more than just first mates, they're true mates. But when Missy's Alpha finds them she may not get the chance because Tad must face him in a fight...without the ability to shift into a wolf like his adversary.

Wolf Flight was another great story from Vivian Arend, this time starring Robyn's (Wolf Signs) brother, Tad. With suspense and action that will keep you turning the pages for more and naughty sex scenes with frustrating tension, Wolf Flight had a fuller feeling to it then the first book in the series despite it's shorter length.
Tad and Missy's story almost run side-to-side of Robyn and Keil's time-wise, so you get to see Tad's feelings on his sister's mating as well as his own. A sweet and likable character, I really enjoyed Tad. Missy was also a good character, determined and aggressive when it came to getting what she wanted (Tad) yet still soft and womanly. I'm looking forward to the next book!