Wolf Signs

Wolf Signs - Vivian Arend Robyn Maxwell might be deaf but that doesn't stop her from setting out to do everything she wants, even if it's to escape the city for some backwoods quiet time in the Yukon by herself. Robyn soon realizes that that she's not as alone as she thought though when she stumble naked from the cabin's sauna and into the arms of a large male.
Keil's quiet retreat from the mountain of responsibilities he faces is interrupted when he scents his mate. With his upcoming challenge for pack Alpha his mate couldn't have come at a worse time but there is no denying the instant instinct to claim coming from his wolf. What he didn't expect though was a mate who is deaf and has no clue about wolves or even that she is one of them, and who cannot come into her wolf without sex with someone of their kind.
A relaxing get-away suddenly turns chaotic as Robyn and Keil ride the passion of their wolves and learn the human side as well while introducing Robyn to a whole new world and fighting for position in it.

Wolf Signs is a wonderful start to the Granite Lake Wolves series that I really enjoyed. Fun, sexy and exciting with a strong hero and an even stronger heroine I only wish the story was longer. Robyn was a fantastic character, well written, who easily rolled with the punches thrown her way. Keil is an alpha all the way with a big heart who only wants the best for his pack and his mate. And he's uber hot. lol With a little bit of action thrown in to keep you on your toes, Wolf Signs was a pleasant read and I look forward to more from the series.