Under Fire

Under Fire - Catherine Mann 4.5 Stars

Pararescueman Liam McCabe is not so lucky in the love department; he has a tendency to fall hard and fall fast but when the dust settles he always finds himself alone. He has no intentions of there ever being a 4th Mrs. McCabe but that doesn’t mean he can’t have a little fun. Liam first met Rachel Flores on a SAR mission in the Bahamas, they shared one hot kiss and then he never heard from her again. Until six months later when he finds her wet, tired and scared to death in the back of his jeep.
After listening to a seemingly crazy tale of conspiracy from a soldier who suffers from PTSD, Rachel finds herself on the receiving end of threatening phone calls and now she is being followed, into a guarded military base no less! Nobody wants to believe Rachel that this wild tale could be true, she even doubts it, but she knows that she needs to find somewhere safe and that the only person who might be able to help her is Liam McCabe. But Rachel also knows that he spells trouble for her heart and has been trying to hold thoughts of him at bay for the last six months with little success. Can she find some way to protect her heart while he protects her body or will they both loose in the end?

Catherine Mann wows with the third installment in her Elite Force series, Under Fire! Fast paced, sizzling hot and exhilarating, I loved every moment of Liam and Rachel’s story.

Liam has been burned too many times in the past and can’t trust his feelings for Rachel or those she might have for him. Rachel is intimidated by Liam’s past but once she learns more about it she can slowly set that aside and see the man beneath the wall he has erected around him, she just has to prove to Liam that she isn’t like all the rest which is a huge job. Woven into their romance are political intrigues that can prove deadly to them. With many twists and turns, the plot will keep you guessing as well as turning the pages to find out what’s going to happen next and whodunit. There is also a very touching side story about a soldier who suffers PTSD, his trials with that and overcoming it as well as finding love.

The pararescueman group that Mann has brought to life in these books are sexy, intriguing, and fantasy inspiring. I look forward to each of their stories and this series became a must-read for me after the first book, Cover Me. Romantic suspense fans are sure to love Under Fire; which is set up well to read as a stand-alone but better as part of the series. Another fantastic read from Mrs. Mann, I’m keeping my eyes peeled for the next book!