No One to Trust

No One to Trust - Katie Reus Elizabeth Martinez broke it off with ex-boyfriend Porter Caldwell after only a month because he didn’t approve of her always bailing her brother, Benny, out of trouble. But Elizabeth’s whole family has turned their backs on him and she’s the only one Benny has left, plus he helped her when no one else would so Elizabeth refuses to give up on him. When Elizabeth finds herself in the middle of a dangerous drug lord’s dealings though, thanks to her brother, she is shocked to see Porter racing to her rescue. Porter regrets letting Lizzy go in the first place and has been keeping an eye out for her ever since. He’s not about to make the same mistake twice and when a local gangs sets out for Elizabeth’s blood he is determined to keep her closer than ever.

Porter is an ex-marine and his family owns a security firm so you know he is going to be all alpha. Sexy, stubborn, protective and yes, sometimes domineering he’ll do anything and everything to keep Lizzy safe but he doesn’t suffocate her which I loved. Sometimes alpha male characters can get a bit stifling. On the run and hiding out from place to place, Porter and Lizzy realize that the chemistry between them still sizzles. Lizzy is loyal almost to a fault but strong and smart. I really enjoyed both of these main characters as well as the secondary ones, I hope to see more from the latter in the future! Though the attraction is still there between Lizzy & Porter, with yummy tension and smoking love scenes, so are their past issues and it was great to see those worked through instead of just pushed aside for the sake of a HEA. Suspense is heaped onto every page with Benny’s dealings, Lizzy’s past, criminal & political intrigue, gang violence and more. No One to Trust moved at a fast pace with lots of action leaving you to wonder, what will happen next, after each page. All leading up to a shocking conclusion that thrilled!

Fun and believable characters with a fast-paced and exciting story line No One to Trust is a recommended read to romance and romantic suspense fans everywhere. Another great story from author Katie Reus, whom I adore!