Blood Vow

Blood Vow - Karin Tabke I really wanted to love Blood Vow. As the last installment in the trilogy I was looking forward to what would happen between Falon, Rafa, and Luca as well as the war waging between the Lycans and Slayers. Unfortunately, the ending didn't live up to the beginning and middle for me.

I found the plot dragged down by Falon's constant whining and I had to force myself to keep going. In the first two books, I remembered her as a strong, independent, kick ass heroine and I just couldn't find that woman here. She disappointed me as a character that I had loved in past books.
As for the story itself, I enjoyed the twists and turns leading up to the final battle. The action was intense and in your face. I really love the world that Karin Tabke has created with this trilogy and even though this is the end, I hope that world continues in a spin-off or new series. The chemistry between Luca (who I have to say is my favorite alpha), Rafa and Falon is combustible and the weariness the men showed coming into a committed three-way relationship was believable. But together, whoa boy, they are incredibly hot. If you are looking for a panty-wetter then Blood Vow is your book.
The ending was bittersweet as I did enjoy the final outcome but there was just this last little bit at the very end that had me growling in frustration.

This is a series that you must read in order, each book is vital to the underlying story line.
All together, as a fan of the series in whole, I liked Blood Vow, but it did disappoint me and I didn't love it. I expected more. I do still recommend this trilogy to paranormal romance, erotica and wolfy lovers, together it is one of the best written lycan stories out there.