Second Chance

Second Chance - Debbie Gould Colin Beckett is a Lieutenant in the US Air Force Special Forces and is dedicated to his job. More so though since the day he lost his wife two years ago. Heart sick and riddled with guilt over her death Colin takes every possible mission to escape his life back home that includes his two year old daughter and his wife’s sister who takes care of her. Colin can’t stand disappointing his daughter and he knows that not being there for her mother he did so staying away is the best bet for him. And the attraction Colin has been feeling for his wife’s sister, Emily, during his short visits over the last year has compounded those feelings of guilt and disappointment.

Emily walked away from everything in her life two years ago so that she could raise her sister’s daughter as her own and she has never regretted the sacrifices she’s made. Emily just wishes that Isabella’s father would let his guilt over her sister’s death go and be there for his daughter. Emily understands his feelings but knows that if he doesn’t learn to move forward from them he will one day regret all that he has missed in his daughter’s life. Emily also wants Colin around for selfish reasons of her own. A year ago Emily fell in love with Colin and she knows that he would just give her a chance that they can all find happiness together. But can she convince Colin that he deserves that happiness? With the help of their friends and the risqué services of 1Night Stand Emily has one night to convince him.

Second Chance was a short, 34 page, contemporary romance novella that is perfect for a trip to the beach or an afternoon poolside. Emotionally hitting, this story is about a second chance at love for Colin and finding love for Emily. It was a nice story and a quick read, though somewhat predictable I enjoyed it.