Archer's Lady

Archer's Lady - Moira Rogers Archer’s Lady is a fast-paced, sexy romp in the west where vampires, ghouls, steam powered gadgets and mad scientists collide for a thrilling adventure and sizzling romance.

Crystal Springs has been decimated by vampires; many have died, few have fled and even fewer are left. Living in constant fear herself, Grace Linwood is ready to high-tail it out of town but as she packs her horse and debates her actions, the one hope that the whole town has been waiting for finally shows.
Archer, a Bloodhound sent by the Guild, arrives in Crystal Springs and meets the town’s school teacher in the stable. He isn’t buying her lies but as someone with experience running from his own past Archer doesn’t push Grace.
Seeking answers as to why vampires are attacking the town, Grace and Archer team up to piece together clues and deciphering puzzles. And along the way they find kindred souls in one another and an untamed passion between them. But Hounds aren’t known to be the settling down kind and once the vampire problem in Crystal Springs is taken care of Archer will have to move on to the next border town. The question is, will he take Grace’s heart with him when he goes?

I love Moira Roger’s Bloodhounds series. They combine all the best parts of steampunk, western romance and paranormal romance into one fantastic story; I never want this series to end!

Archer and Grace were great together, throughout their story I had the song lyrics “we’re just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl” running through my head because that is exactly what Archer and Grace were – lost souls. They each had a past they wanted to run from; Grace was hoping that in Crystal Springs she could find redemption for it while Archer was seeking a kind of forgiveness for his. Little did they know that they were the only ones that saw the darkness staining their souls and it took the other to help them see past that. From past books, I wasn’t expecting Archer to tug on my heart strings the way he did in Archer’s Lady but it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with his character. The sex scenes between Grace and Archer were hot and intense, written with the same flair I’ve come to expect from Moira Rogers, but it was the connection between the two main characters that really made them sizzle.
I was glued to the pages by the mystery and intrigue that was expertly woven into the plot. Why were the vampires attacking the town? What were they looking for? And what did the town, or someone in the town, have to hide?

As with every book in the series, Archer’s Lady was a fast and entertaining read with captivating main characters, intriguing secondary characters that I hope to see more of and an overall series arc that left me with a craving for more! I can’t wait to see what wild ride Moira Rogers and the Bloodhounds have in store for us next. I definitely recommend this book, better read in series order, to paranormal romance fans who might like a bit of the ‘Wild Wild West’ with their fangs and fur.