Magic Slays

Magic Slays -  Ilona Andrews The most recent release in the Kate Daniels series, Magic Slays, finds Kate and Curran adjusting to mated life and Kate opening an investigative business of her own, Cutting Edge. When Ghastek, a Master of the Dead, asks Kate for help bringing in a rogue vampire they discover that there is something interfering with the navigator’s piloting and this could be deadly for more than just the citizens in the way of a loose vampire. Something or someone is interfering with the magic in the city, bringing it down in crucial areas, and if Kate doesn’t stop whoever is behind the scheme it could mean devastating things for the whole world.

Though Magic Slays didn’t have that extra oomph I found in Magic Bleeds it was still a wonderful read. I actually read each of these books in a day’s time, they just flew by it seemed. In Magic Bleeds, Curran doesn’t seem to play as strong as a role and his relationship with Kate feels different but that might be because it's pretty solid right now. Kate is trying to find her nitch in the world without the Pack’s help. She is smart, feisty and learning to compromise in a relationship. There is no denying though that Curran is Kate’s rock and he balances her out masterfully. What I really liked about this fifth book is the further development of Kate’s past and the revealing of heart-breaking secrets from it. And though the series center’s on Kate Daniels each character has their own story and comes to life on the pages, no matter whether they are the main characters or the secondary ones, even the characters who are just around for this novel pop out at you.

The entire series is action-packed; there is no doubt about it. If you like your books fast paced and gripping then I recommend you picking up the Kate Daniels series. It is a solid urban fantasy with just a touch of romance in these last two novels and I hope to see that continue on which with Curran, shouldn’t be a question now! ;) I’m really glad that I finally picked them up and am eagerly anticipating Andrea’s (Kate’s best friend) own novel, Gunmetal Magic, releasing July 31st. I’ve fallen in love with her character and would like to see her finally get a HEA. And of course I can’t wait for book six in the Kate Daniels series, after all, I need my Curran fix! How am I ever going to be able to wait until NEXT February though? *groan*

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