Forbidden Magic

Forbidden Magic - Jennifer Lyon The Wing Slayer Hunters series has fast become a new paranormal romance favorite of mine!

Ram Virtos can’t help but be attracted to his fellow wing slayer hunter’s sister, Ginny. From the moment he met her he admired her strength and was drawn to the glow that seems to surround her. But Ram knows that Ginny is not his and it would be unfair to pursue anything with her. Fate has handed him a different deck of cards with an infertility witch as a soul mirror who wants nothing to do with him and ran the first chance she got. Now Ram must deal with the curse of the bloodlust on his own with his thunderbird tattoo coming to life and being none too happy about it.
Ginny has been drawn to Ram since the moment she first saw him but she can never give into her feelings, for if she does, her and her brother Eli both will have to leave everything they know. When her angelic father threatens the only two men she has ever loved though, Ginny must face her feelings and seduce Ram in order to save him, even if that means ultimately losing him in the end.

Forbidden Magic is a tremulous journey of an impossible love between two people that were never meant to be together. Each destined for someone and something else neither can help how their hearts feel. This story is an emotional punch to the gut and I couldn’t help but root Ram and Ginny on, praying for a solution to their seemingly hopeless situation. Can love beat fate? This is only the beginning of their story and I can’t wait to see where it leads next; will Ram catch up to his soul mirror? Or will his bird kill him before he has the chance? Will Ginny ascend? Or can they find a way to keep her and Eli here on earth? Do Ram and Ginny even have a chance at this love?

Forbidden Magic was a compelling novella with charismatic characters full of tension, suspense and sensuality and I can’t wait to read more from this superb series!