Dragon's Lair

Dragon's Lair - Seraphina Donavan Rating: 3.5-4 Stars

Ridiculously hot, Seraphina Donavan cranks up the heat with her erotic novella Dragon’s Lair!

Lilly Montague left everything she knew to start over in New Orleans. Spreading her wings and discovering her sensual side, Lilly never knew there could be so many possibilities until she takes a job waitressing in a sex club.
Remy and Phillipe instinctively know that Lilly is their mate but convincing her to accept both of them is going to be a challenge. Not to mention that they’re immortal dragons. Remy and Phillipe refuse to give up though and devise an erotic plan that is sure to have Lilly submitting to them in no time.

Two well endowed dragons with a tendency towards BDSM, there is no denying that Remy and Phillipe are two blazing hot male leads. With a centuries long relationship they rarely have to communicate verbally to understand what the other wants but when Lilly shows up determination and sensuality just oozes from the pages. Short and sizzling, these two alone had me breaking out in a heat rash. One sex scene in particular wowed me, I had to ask if that was possible! lol Seraphina Donavan gives readers a connection and depth to Remy and Phillipe’s relationship together that is oft times lacking in novellas of this size. The characters easily came to life on the pages for me. Lily was wonderfully endearing though I wish her feelings for Remy and Phillipe were more detailed. A good read but the story definitely could have been expanded on into a longer novella; I would be interested in reading more about this threesome.

BDSM, M/M, M/F/M, anal, double penetration
*A recommended Ménage read!