An Alpha's Path

An Alpha's Path - Carrie Ann Ryan An Alpha’s Path was a short and sexy escape into the world of werewolves.

Melanie is a career driven young woman who has spent way too much time working and not enough time playing. So when her best friend convinces her to go on a blind date Melanie reluctantly agrees. What could one night with no strings attached hurt? Nothing could prepare her for this tall stranger whose sensuality radiated off him in waves though.
Agreeing to this crazy hook-up by his brother, Kade is ready to blow off some steam. After losing one potential mate, one wild night with a beautiful stranger is looking pretty good to him right now. But as soon as Kade walks into the bar him and his wolf senses his mate is close, and surprisingly turns out to be his date for the night.
After experiencing the best night of their lives, Kade spills his secrets. But is it too much for this human woman to handle? When a potential rival for Melanie’s affections shows up, Kade’s future looks bleak. Will giving Melanie time to decide on a future with him bring her back to his arms, or will she end up in another’s?

An Alpa’s Path was a good read and a fun novella with a heart-throbbingly sexy alpha wolf. I felt Kade was wonderfully written and I was easily captivated by him. He see’s Melanie and knows she is the one for him but is understanding about her uncertainties and even though it kills him he gives her the space she needs, hoping that she will eventually come back to him. I wasn’t too keen on the heroine, Melanie, though or her indecisive ways but she was smart and quirky. Their one wild night of fun definitely didn’t lack in the sexiness department and is sure to get readers all fired up. The plot moved at a good pace, never a lull, while the supporting characters are appealing and left me wanting to read more of their own stories. All together, An Alpha’s Path was a nice introduction to the Redwood Pack and an entertaining quickie.