Sins of the Highlander

Sins of the Highlander - Connie Mason Mad Rob McLaren has vowed to see Lachlan Drummond pay for the death of his beloved wife, Fionna, and what better way than to take Drummond’s intended wife from him at the altar? Forcing Drummond to accept the one-on-one battle Rob has been demanding for the last two years. After kidnapping Elspeth though, Rob realizes that she is more than just a pawn; Elspeth is a feisty and intelligent woman with the gift of Sight. As the two journey through the Scottish wilds, evading Drummond’s men hunting them, they find more than just the danger surrounding them; Elspeth finds the type of love she has always dreamed about and Rob finds a second chance at having it again. But Drummond isn’t the only one determined to see their departure from one another, once Rob and Elspeth reach Caisteal Dubh more treachery and danger awaits.

Sins of the Highlander was a touching story and an enjoyable read. ‘Mad’ Rob makes for an emotionally moving character that tugged at my heartstrings, though his actual feelings weren’t expressed as well as I hoped his journey was poignant. Rob was pretty darn hot too tenting that kilt of his all too often and his humor was wonderful. Elspeth was a strong and brave heroine with a deep rooted loyalty to those she cares for. Her gift of Sight adds a touch of the supernatural to the story though the author doesn’t get too into detail with it. Rob and Elspeth relationship with each other built steadily with a few searing passionate moments between them and a collection of emotionally evoking scenes. What really captivated me was the quick and witty banter between Rob and Elspeth from the beginning, even during Elspeth’s kidnapping.
Many secondary characters, some good and some bad, and a deplorable villain kept the plot moving along while the author masterfully builds and brings to life the world around them.

Sins of the Highlander is a great novel for readers looking for a nice and easy read with a beautiful Scottish romance.