Bound in Sin

Bound in Sin - Cynthia Eden Cynthia Eden continues her sexy and exciting Bound series with Bound in Sin and does not disappoint!

Each novella is set up perfectly as a stand-alone so you can jump right in without feeling lost.
Paige Sloan was suppose to meet her werewolf lover, Drake Wyler, one night but never showed. Now, years later she arrives in Alaska at, now alpha, Drake’s front door. No longer human, but vampire, Drake demands answers from Paige but only receives half of the story because Paige is keeping the other half to herself determined to protect Drake even if it means the loss of her own life. Refusing to let Paige walk out of his life again, Drake offers his and the packs protection despite the fact that werewolves and vampires are mortal enemies. But betrayers in his circle and a twisted vampire threaten the second chance at love that Drake hopes to find with Paige. Will they be able to overcome past misunderstandings and learn to trust again or will the vampire responsible for turning Paige see his evil plans be brought to fruition?

Bound in Sin is a fun novella to sink your teeth into for a quick bite between full length novels. Drake is a kick-ass, sexy alpha and Paige a brave, determined heroine; both intriguing characters that Cynthia Eden provides a smooth dialogue for. The couple has a past history so when they’re quick to heat up the pages it is believable and smokin’ hot. (If you like Cynthia Eden’s other works and found them sizzling, then expect twice that with these paranormal erotic romance novellas.) The plot itself is action packed and set in a simple but captivating world that works perfectly for this size novella and despite the paranormal aspects of the story the situations are relatable. My only complaint about the Bound in Sin would be that the story very closely resembles the second novella in this series, Bound in Darkness, and seemed slightly repetitive.

When it comes to Cynthia’s books though, I don’t even bother to read the blurbs anymore before picking them up. I just dig right in knowing that I will fall in love with the story and characters by the first page.