Under the Moon

Under the Moon - Natalie J. Damschroder Quinn Caldwell is a goddess that derives her power from the moon, which makes her incredibly powerful…except when there is a new moon. During this time she is powerless and vulnerable, which is when her protector, Nick Jarrett, arrives. Quinn has been in love with Nick for the last fifteen years but since his rejection all those years ago she knows she must hide her feelings and accept that friendship is all she’ll ever have from him. Trying to move forward with her life and fulfill some sensual full moon needs, Quinn and her assistant Sam get close but she knows that he will never have her heart the way Nick does and can’t hold him back from finding someone to truly love him anymore. When a leech is revealed who threatens those Quinn holds dear, and even herself, the trio must team up to stop this nefarious villain from draining anymore Goddesses and uncover which Goddess gave him his powers to begin with. With a scheming council, a rogue, and some surprising family ties it’s sure to be a bumpy journey. Will the trio make it out intact, or will one or all of them be forever changed?

Under the Moon was an enjoyable read with a fast-moving plot full of suspense and sexual tension. The story reminded me a bit of Rachel Caine’s Weather Warden series, the way it was set up and with two potential suitors and one kick-ass heroine trying her damndest to save the world, and you know from the beginning that one is the only guy for the leading lady. And Quinn was a great leading lady, strong but still obtaining emotional depth. She tries to do right by both Nick and Sam, as well as trying to save other Goddesses when she believes the council isn’t doing enough, putting herself at risk for losing her own powers in the process. Nick was sexy and domineering in that alpha sort of way, the kind of hero that any heroine would swoon over. His and Quinn’s dialogues and scenes were bursting with sexual need, nudging you right to the edge and leaving you grasping until the very last moment. Sam played the nice guy that you hope for the best with but know it will never happen, and then by the end you can’t help but desire a HEA for him too one day. I’m glad he’ll be getting his story next! A good amount of action will keep your turning the pages as well. Overall, Under the Moon was a good read that I’d recommend to anyone who enjoys urban fantasy with a touch steamy.