Echo Falls

Echo Falls - Jaime McDougall Echo Falls was a captivating and quick read with an intense plot that I really enjoyed!

Phoebe Martin has been on the run for months when she reaches Echo Falls, thinking she can finally find a home here. Re-establishing her photography business and being introduced to pack life, something she has never experienced before, Phoebe cautiously dreams of a future. When her past catches up with her though, Phoebe knows that she must pack up again before another innocent person is killed because of her. But will the sexy alpha and policeman, Aidan O'Bryan, let her just walk away?
As Aidan tries to earn Phoebe’s trust and protect her he also searches for the person who is murdering lone werewolves. Aidan knows that Phoebe is hiding something and with no leads as to who or what they’re dealing with; Aidan is determined to make her talk. But the one secret that Phoebe is keeping is one that can help save his pack and those he loves. Can Aidan get Phoebe to open up to him about the secrets of her past before the killer strikes again?

Werewolves, jealousy, a fanatical killer, and love are just a few components of what you’ll find in Echo Falls. A nice suspense, but the paranormal element is what really made this story great and the good-looking, protective alpha didn’t hurt either! The main characters of Phoebe and Aidan where real and believable, and I was interested in their story right away. The romance between them was slow to build but steamy when we finally reached that point. I also enjoyed the side characters, which were fun to read about and brought a smile to my face.
The plot itself had several twists and turns that were sometimes surprising and other times expected, but overall kept me intrigued. I did feel like I was missing some key points at the beginning of the novel, as if there where holes in the plot, but by the end I was satisfied with the read and the ending was wrapped up neatly.
A light and quick read for paranormal romance fans that you are sure to enjoy!