Mojo Queen

Mojo Queen - Sonya Clark Reviewed by RBtWBC reviewer, Shadow.

Shadow's Review

Mojo Queen was good read, it grabbed my attention right away and wouldn't let go. I was with the characters the entire time. The battles they faced, I faced with them. When they were running for their lives, I got winded. Lol. The ending was a little disappointing though; I was hoping for a nice big pizzazz ending but it kind of left you hanging. I wasn’t sure if the heroine and hero got together or not. But beyond that, I loved this book.

Roxanne is a woman with magical abilities who can see auras and do a little bit of magic. She exterminates ghosts from people's houses for a living with her cousin Daniel, who's a vampire. When Roxanne gets hired to do an exorcism for some college kids, Seth and Gabe, all hell breaks loose. She learns that a mysterious man named Blake taught the kids to perform magic and persuaded them to conjure an evil demon to possess their friend, Delia, who then goes on a killing spree. When they realize that Blake isn’t as bad as they thought he was, Roxanne and Daniel team up with him to capture the demon and send her back to Hell. But Roxanne and Blake have an instant attraction to each other, one that could either save them…or kill them.

Mojo Queen brings a lot to the table and is filled with adventure, ghosts, demons and poltergeists. I've always been drawn to books about witchcraft, spells and ghosts, and this one did not disappoint! It was a fast read that I enjoyed. I just wish the ending had been a bit better, but I really can't complain. This story is definitely a keeper and one I will read again in the future.

4.5 Stars

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