Dark Taste of Rapture

Dark Taste of Rapture - Gena Showalter You know when you pick up a novel from Gena Showalter that you’re going to get the very best!

Hector Dean is a hard bodied, tattooed and sexy as sin AIR agent with a tortured past and a dangerous secret. When his emotions get hot so do his hands, becoming deadly weapons, turning anything they touch into ash. Afraid to harm those around him, Hector keeps to himself. That is until he meets the beautiful and rich Noelle Tremain, AIR agent in training. For some reason he can’t get her out of his head, despite the fact that she comes off as a spoiled air head in the beginning. She is pure temptation and it doesn’t help that she tries to seduce him at every turn. Scared of hurting her Hector tries everything to push Noelle away, fighting his uncontrollable desire for her, but Noelle is determined to get what she wants, and what she wants is Hector for herself.
When a wealthy businessman from Noelle’s circles is murdered her and Hector must partner up to find the culprit, the same man who is behind a string of otherworlder kidnappings that Hector has been chasing for over a year now. Can these two make it through the investigation heart & body intact or will this new threat prove even deadlier then Hector’s abilities? And when Dallas has a vision foreseeing his end or his salvation if Hector and Noelle get into bed, can they take that chance?

Dark Taste of Rapture shines by being pure and absolute perfection! This installment is by far, my favorite in the series to date. Dark, heart twisting and sexy, every page will leave you jonesing for more! Hector Dean will have you fantasizing about steamy nights tangled up between the sheets; strong, sexy and all alpha he was an easy character to fall in love with. With his tortured past of violence and death I couldn’t help my heart breaking for his struggles and then when he was trying to protect Noelle from himself *swoon* I just wanted to hug him. Even though he ended up hurting her worse by pushing her away for her own good his intentions were admirable.

Dark Taste of Rapture pre-dates the last book, Ecstasy in Darkness, by a year taking you back to Ava and Noelle’s time in AIR training camp and when Noelle and Hector first meet. Noelle adds fun and humor to the dialogue with her sassy ways but her outwards confidence is a shield for the insecurity she hides thanks to her rotten family. This form of set-up really gave the reader some great insight into Hector and Noelle, adding depth and dimension, even to Ava and Dallas too. The plot quickly moves through that year without skipping important details and brings the reader to the present timeline in the series where Hector and Noelle must work together on a murder and slave trader case. The tension is thick between the two adding to the suspense already in abundance from the mysterious case. Some emotionally intense moments are balanced with uber sexy scenes that are literally burn-the-house-down-wet-your-panties HOT, and a seductive romance that progresses realistically and gradually; coupled with the non-stop action Gena Showalter delivers it all! The world building in this series, as always, is beyond brilliant and seems to build on itself with each new addition adding multiple layers to the already impressive series arc.

An amazing addition to an already magnificent series, Dark Taste of Rapture is a must-read. Now, all I have to say is this….DALLAS! When will we get Dallas’s book Gena? I want sooooooo badly!!!!

Best of 2011 pick!