Men Out of Uniform

Men Out of Uniform - Sylvia Day, Maya Banks, Karin Tabke Soul Possession by Maya Banks
Maya Banks starts this anthology off with a bang, throwing you right into the burning fires of passion. Two detectives and best friends, Rick and Truitt, frequent a bar where the meet pretty waitress Jessie Callahan. Both men want her, so instead of fighting over her and potentially ruining their friendship they decide to go after her together. Finally convincing her to join them in a ménage a trios Rick and Truitt bring Jessie home for a night to remember, only afterwards they want more than just one night. But when they find out the next morning that Jessie is a prime murder suspect can they believe that she is innocent, or did she just use them as an alibi?

Soul Possession was hot hot hot, but the relationship aspect of the story was a bit unbelievable to me. These two alpha men want Jessie for themselves, are each possessive of her, but decide that they can share her with each other. The sharing just didn’t jive with their characters and I didn’t see how a happy future was possible for the three of them together. The suspense was interesting, with a few twists thrown in, but due to the novella length maybe, I didn’t feel that it reached its full potential. At least, what I’ve come to expect from Maya Banks. Overall though, Rick and Truit were sexy as all get out and it was still a good little read that had me fired up for the rest of the anthology.

Wanted by Karin Tabke
Bad-boy cop and ladies man, Colin Daniels, is sent to guard a high profile criminal’s soon-to-be ex-wife, Sophia Gilletti, and bring her out of hiding and to New York to testify against him. He has 24 hours to deliver her to his superiors before he’s a wanted man himself. When Colin comes face-to-face with Sophia though, after rescuing her from a hit man, she seems a little too familiar. Can this be the same girl that disappeared with his heart over a decade ago? Danger follows the pair on their journey but it doesn’t stop the desire that still burns strong between them.

This was my first taste of Karin Tabke’s work, though I have read her series under Karin Harlow, and wow - am I craving some more now! Despite being only a little over 100 pages, Wanted was bursting with romance, action and suspense. I really enjoyed this pair reuniting and getting to delve into each of their characters. Both have some tragedy and insecurities to deal with but they bring the best out in each other, not to mention their sizzling attraction and how Colin is smokin' hot! *fans self* A great read!

Taking the Heat by Sylvia Day
This was my favorite story out of the anthology! Layla Creed has been in witness protection, given a whole new life and identify for the murders she witnessed, but it is time to come out of hiding and take the stand against the man who killed her friend and protector. Federal Marshal Brian Simmons fills in for the assignment and walks into a disaster when he goes to pick Layla up. The man Layla is set to testify against does not want her making it to California and will do anything to stop her but Brian will put his life on the line before he lets anything happen to the woman he loved and let walk away five years ago.

I absolutely loved this story of second chances! Taking the Heat was filled with danger, excitement and raw passion. The chemistry between Layla and Brian was intense, bursting through the pages, and the sex scenes out of this world. The reconnecting of this pair tugged on my heart strings as they worked out their misunderstandings and insecurities over their past relationship, hoping to build a solid foundation for a new one within three days. With a full and vivid plot, relatable and sex-ay characters and a humorous and naughty dialogue - this was one story that I did not want to end!

A super sexy anthology by three awesome, must-read authors about strong, feisty women determined to get those spectacularly sexy men out of their uniforms and into their beds for good!