Taking a Shot

Taking a Shot - Jaci Burton Jaci Burton scores with another red-hot romance sure to make your heart pound and your libido soar!

Jenna Riley is positive that she is destined to run her family’s sports bar for the rest of her life and with her father recovering from a heart attack, leaving Jenna to run the bar solo, she knows that she can never utter a word of complaint to her parents. With two professional athletes for older brothers though and the non-stop sport’s talk at work her life seems consumed by it and Jenna is adamant about not adding any more to the mix; even if that means shooting down sexy pro hockey player Tyler Anderson.
For months Ty has been frequenting Riley’s Sports Bar, intrigued by the spunky, pierced and tattooed bartender, despite getting the cold shoulder from her. He knows there is more under the prickly exterior that she shows the world, and even her family, and once he sees something he wants’ he goes for goal. Determined to show Jenna that he is the one man for her, Ty sets out to prove that the type of man she may think she wants can never light the fire in her that he can, and she will never feel that spark of chemistry with anyone but him.
Soon, Jenna can’t deny the passion that flares brightly between her and Ty, and no longer tries to fight it. But when he pushes her to follow her dreams and live for herself he may just end up pushing her too far. Can Jenna find the courage to face her fears and take a shot living the life she has always dreamed of or will she end up losing in the game of love?

Consuming passion, complex characters and an intriguing plot, Jaci Burton can chalk up another win for the sexy athletes in her Play by Play series!

I just LOVE the Riley’s, the family dynamics is amazing and with each new novel in the series this caring and supportive family captures another piece of my heart. Taking a Shot follows Jenna, the youngest of the Riley siblings and the only girl, Jenna feels like she has been living in the shadow of her two older pro-athlete brothers and is sick of sports taking over her life. As the female protagonist she is funny, smart, frustratingly stubborn and sadly feels that she cannot confide in her family her true feelings. I found myself wanting to give her a good hard shake throughout the story as well as a big hug. And Ty, well Ty…he was just WOW. Sexy, considerate, supportive, smart, with a great sense of humor and good attitude he is the perfect package; not to mention how he heats up the ice and the bedroom. You’ll need a bucket of ice for the sizzling sex that Burton delivers in Taking a Shot! Tyler Anderson easily makes the list of top swoon-worthy romance heroes for 2012 and the year has only begun.

Jaci Burton gives readers more than just a pretty package, but an entertaining and compelling story that will leave them begging for more. I cannot say enough good things about this book. If you’re already a fan of the Play by Play series than you won’t be disappointed with this latest installment and new readers are sure to find a new favorite author/series. Taking a Shot is set up well for a stand-alone but better read in a series and the Play by Play series is a must read for erotic romance and sports romance fans everywhere! Now I am dying for Cole Riley's story (Mick, Gavin & Jenna's cousin) in Playing to Win!

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