Three Wishes

Three Wishes - Jenny Schwartz Three Wishes is a spellbinding novella that was both quick and fun.

Cali ‘The Bringer of Death’ is a djinni that has a grudge against all men, but especially the men who control her bottle. After spending a decade in the bottle she is summoned to grant three wishes to an arms dealer named David Sagr. Determined to use his wishes against him and bring about his death, Cali begins but her plans are interrupted when the guardian angel, Andrew, shows up.
It is Andrews’s duty to protect his charge and regardless of his attraction to Cali, he won’t fail. But if he can prove to Cali that David has a chance of redemption then maybe they won’t be on opposite sides and can give in to the desire building between them.

Three Wishes was entertaining read about djinni, angels, magic, action and atonement.

I haven’t read the previous two novellas in this series and didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything at all, a very good stand-alone.
I was able to read this in one sitting and each page kept me captivated; I loved the world Schwartz built. There wasn’t a lot of world building but for a novella it was perfect. I enjoyed each character, especially Cali and Andrew. They were passionate, determined and endearing. I really felt for each of their situations. Every character grew and for such big developments it was superbly written. Some action, some suspense, tension, romance, and few hot love scenes. A great read and I will be looking for more from this series, Out of the Bottle.