When You Dare

When You Dare - Lori Foster 4.5 stars!

Hot action and scorching romance, Lori Foster delivers it all in When you Dare!

Dare Macintosh is in Mexico rescuing his friends sister from flesh traders when he sees another woman in the shack looking worse off then any of the others. When he finds her unconscious he can’t leave her there, so he brings this new complication out with them and back across the border.
Molly Alexander is a romantic suspense author and she has no clue why she was kidnapped, she is definitely not like the other women who were held; young and sexy. Unsure who to trust in her life and not wanting to contact anyone Molly hires Dare to protect her.
Little did Molly know, that it was her heart that needed protecting the most…

I absolutely loved When You Dare, it is my first read from Lori Foster and a great start to a new series. I especially love the play on words for the title, and the cover is sexy as hell. (I kept going back to it while reading; it’s the perfect representation of Dare.)

Dare is all male, and all alpha. Sexy, smart, sensitive and not afraid to show his feelings, this man has it all. (Definitely one to add to my harem of book boyfriends!) He is good at everything, until Molly. When it comes to her Dare doesn’t always know up from down or even the right things to say in a lot of instances. Sometimes I found myself cringing with came out of his mouth, but he found a perfect way to get around those small blunders- kissing the heck out of his lady!
His love for his ‘girls’ and assistant Chris is so sweet, and he knows when to back off and not smother Molly; giving her the space she needs to come to terms with her traumatic experience and what they could mean for her future. He is incredibly sensitive to her ordeal, being patient and supporting with her. Molly herself is strong, levelheaded and an admirable leading lady; she is the perfect fit for Dare.
His and Molly’s relationship developed fast but felt natural and not at all rushed. The chemistry and sizzling love scenes between the two were pure perfection and masterfully written.

Occasional there was a scene that moved a bit slow and felt drawn out but the story held it's entertainment and excitement. I really liked delving into the world of men that fight for good outside of the law. I also found it interesting, a romantic suspense author writing about a character that is a romantic suspense author, and it makes me wonder if any of the things written may have some truth to them (I later found out that yes, it does!)
As for the main plot; the twists and turns kept me intrigued, though I did figure out the villain beforehand I was still riveted to every page.
I enjoyed all the secondary characters, they were fleshed out just as well as the main characters and I hope to see much more of each one.
The ending came too quickly for me, I wanted Dare and Molly's story to keep going but alas, all good things must come to an end. Thankfully the first three novels in this series are releasing back to back!

All in all, Lori Foster definitely lived up to her claim of producing super sexy alpha males who are private mercenaries and ‘walk the edge of honor’. I can’t wait to read more in Trace of Fever and Savor the Danger! This series is a must read for sure! And if you couldn't tell, I just loved Dare!