The Outlaw Bride

The Outlaw Bride - Kelly Boyce An exciting adventure into the Wild West with dangerous outlaws, sexy sheriffs, un-expected mail order brides, and steamy romance, The Outlaw Bride is one western that you won’t want to miss!

In The Outlaw Bride, both main characters sucked me in right away. Kate’s plight to escape her husband and fulfill her promise to a dead man. And then when sexy Sheriff Connor walked onto the scene, that was just the icing on the cake. You sympathize with both characters; Kate trying to keep her promise while protecting herself yet hating every minute of her deception while falling for a man that she knows will despise her if he ever finds out the truth to her identity, and Connor fighting his attraction to a women who he knows is hiding something while watching his niece become even more attached to her and knowing that she won’t stick around for long. The secondary characters of Connor’s extended family were also intriguing and the towns people humorous in their attempts to get Connor hitched.
Kate and Connor’s relationship progressed at a slow but natural pace; they didn’t jump each other’s bones right away like in some romances. Which built up the sexual tension to great degrees and ended with some hot love scenes. The entire romance itself was charming and believable.
There was little action until the end but the suspense of the main plot and sub plots kept me entertained throughout, and the gunfight and twists at the end were exciting though I did suspect it earlier in the novel.
The plot itself moved at a steady pace and kept me intrigued, I read this novel within a day, I just could not put it down. I recommend this book to any who likes a great romance, historicals or westerns.

A great read and I loved every page of it!