Laird of Darkness

Laird of Darkness - Nicole North Laird of Darkness is a sinfully erotic tale, taking place in the Scottish highlands that I just couldn’t get enough of!

Duncan is a half fae Scottish laird whose mother died while giving birth to him before she could gift him with protection from the creatures of the Otherworld. So every night that he allows himself to fall asleep they attack him in his nightmares, leaving painful claw and bite marks on him upon waking. Duncan needs a magical bow from his half brother to keep the monsters at bay and when he comes across the beautiful Lady Alana he finally gets the leverage he needs. Holding her hostage he offers a trade, but will he get more in returned then he ever imagined possible?

I was a bit skeptical starting this novella, but I loved every minute of it. It was a fast and incredibly sexy read, with the perfect balance of plot and eroticism.
I was drawn in immediately to the main characters, Duncan and Alana, and riveted by their story. Duncan is a dark, super-sexy laird in a kilt (who doesn’t just drool over that?) and Alana made a sweet and spunky heroine. As expected in a novella, their relationship moved forward at a quick pace but with the authors writing it flowed naturally and was believable. There was suspense, action, sexual tension and gratification. A fabulous read!

4 ½ - Loved it! If it had been longer then it’d be perfect!