Amaury's Hellion

Amaury's Hellion  - Tina Folsom Amaury LeSang works at Scanguards (a successful security and body guard company owned by Samson Woodford) taking care of the real estate side of the business and is Samson’s best friend. He also lives with the painful curse of sensing other’s emotions but never being able to feel love himself. The only cure for the constant onslaught is sex, daily, and it is only a temporary reprieve. So Amaury has become quiet known in the vampire world for his sexual exploits. And he’s only a little bit arrogant about his expertise. Well, maybe a lot, but it’s well deserved!
Nina is set on revenge for her brother’s death and the vampires at Scanguards will meet the pointy end of her stake for it. That is until she stalks one of them to an alley and ends up passionately kissing the blue-eyed devil! But Nina is one determined little cookie and the scorching attraction she feels for this vampire will not distract her from her goal.
Amuary discovers that when with Nina he is no longer bombarded by other’s emotions, but not only that, she is slowly starting to melt the ice he has around his heart and he is determined to keep her by his side. Unfortunately though Nina has been used too many times by the opposite sex and has little faith in them. But when a vampire from the past shows up and threatens all Amuary holds dear they must trust in each other to overcome the deadly plans he has for them all.

I had planned on waiting to read this book until the New Year so that I could add it to one of my challenges but after reading Sampson’s Lovely Mortal I had to jump right into this one and now I am devouring Gabriel's Mate!

I was intrigued with Amaury from the first book of the series and let me just say that Amaury’s Hellion did not disappoint. Now this is a romance!
Tina really found her grove for the series here. The plot is complex & involved and jammed packed with suspense, action & mystery.
Amuary & Nina have perfect chemistry but the relationship doesn’t come easy for them. He has a tragic past and a painful curse to deal with while she has some well-founded trust issues and a very tough exterior. They both have to learn to let go and trust each other if they are to survive what this villain has planned for them. But Nina is the perfect feisty heroine for the arrogant Amaury and their sparring back and forth was entertaining, the sex scenes mouth watering.
The Scanguards Vampires series is filled with dynamic characters and even the villains are well-developed characters that you feel for.
Amaury’s Hellion was quick paced, had surprise twists, humorous, sexy as hell and thoroughly engaging with such deep emotion that really impacts the reader. Another fabulous read from author Tina Folsom!