A Time to Love

A Time to Love - Gail Symmonds My Synopsis:

A tale of an arrogant Scottish laird, a strong, independent 21th century woman and the everlasting love that blossoms between them. A Time to Love is truly a timeless tale of romance, heartbreak, mystery and suspense that will sweep you away.

Joanne Dunstan, a successful businesswoman from Melbourne, Australia, remembers spending a quiet evening with her friend and then falling asleep in her bed. So how did she end up in the middle of an unknown forest wearing only her PJ’s and missing the antique Celtic necklace her friend had given her? When she stumbles upon a camp of warriors and taken to their laird she is forced to accept the fact that someway, somehow, she is in the 17th century Scottish Highlands.
Laird Connor MacKay is laird and master of Shreave and clan MacKay. He is a strong and honorable leader but rarely socializes and even rarer- trusts. After a two week journey tending his property, tenants and collecting rent he returns to the castle to find a water nymph languishing in his private bath. Thinking she is in need of assistance he dives in and winds up with a broken nose for his efforts.
Both Connor and Joanne are reluctant when it comes to love and relationships due to past experiences but cannot deny the deep connection they feel towards each other. When an unknown enemy threatens all Connor holds dear their love will be put to the test. Can it survive the biggest test of all, the test of time?

My Thoughts:

I loved this debut novel from author Gail Symmonds!
Symmonds has developed a unique and engrossing plot arc with rich characters full of life. Joanne struggled with the new times she found herself in at first but quickly adapted and even brought a little bit of the 21st century to the Scottish Highlands of 1626; manners, women’s self defense and a few recipes. Connor is rough highlander with a gentle & loving heart; you can’t help but fall in love with the sexy Scot. There is a cast of strong secondary characters that you will be just as interested in and are just as integral to the plot as the hero and heroine, which is wonderful and refreshing.
A Time to Love is a fast read, emotional, at several points I found myself crying, and humorous. Connor’s sacrifice is absolutely gut wrenching and Joanne’s determination is admiring. Also, there is a wonderful and unexpected twist at the end!
I thought though that the ending could of played out more. It seemed skimmed over and I would have liked more details. Also, the spelling and grammar errors made you take a step back from the story but overall A Time to Love is a great read!

4 Wine Glasses
3 Flaming Hearts