Darkfever - Karen Marie Moning Darkfever - ♥♥ Read Better

I’m going to sort of cadence my thoughts on these books because I pretty much had the same opinion on each one and it seems like I have no time this week. I was 'eh' on Darkfever and Bloodfever but funny thing is, I couldn’t put them down! I devoured all these books in a day each and I started really getting into it by Faefever and found myself staying up all night to read it and Dreamfever.

Mac tells the story of her journey in first person, but it gets carried away a bit on introspect and the series in whole has a major over abundance of world building. I skimmed over a lot of parts. I really wish Moning would of lessened that aspect a bit and delved more into revealing the MC’s true feelings and some of the side characters, I just didn’t feel there was enough character depth to any of them. At the beginning you know Mac’s grief over her sister’s death but that is the extent of her character except for a bit of teenage crushing, which I found rather annoying for a girl her age. Then as the story progresses Mac matures a bit, her grief turns to thoughts of revenge and she is constantly back and forth about everything. Make up your mind woman!
Both men, Barrons and V’lane are hot and sexy and each have their own unique appeal but…
Barrons is brutal and seems to have no feelings whatsoever and as the series continues you learn very little about him. You finally start getting glimpses of a hidden heart here and there but it's like a grain of sand, very tiny.
V’lane on the other hand I felt was decently put together (and you can take that statement a lot of ways, hehe), but you wonder about a hidden agenda with him as well. Which I know is part of the story but I would really enjoy a little tidbit every now and then to see into the character. (But shh...I'm voting for Barron at the end. Sexy, dark, mysterious, oh yes...)

And the romance, heh, drove me crazy. You get a whole bunch of romantic build up, and then you’re left wanting, no end or conclusion. It’s enough to throw your book or ereader across the room. For reals. The end of Faefever and the beginning of Dreamfever have some very intense and disturbing sex scenes, then the scenes transform but it’s still not romantic IMO. And then….we’re back to diddly squat.

And cliffhangers, I have never scene cliffhangers that were more evil then the ones in this series. Bad author, no cookie! And OMG, the one at the end of Dreamfever is The. Abosolute. Worst. Ever! Ahhh! So now I’m going to be stewing until January when Shadowfever is released.

On a good note, despite the lack of character depth I did find myself relating to Mac. My heart sped up with hers; my chest hurt with hers, I got angry, hurt and confused right along with her. Oh and what she says at the begging of Darkfever, about books and reading, yep yep. My thoughts exactly! And BB&B would be an awesome place to work, I would fall in love with it as well.

There is terrific dialogue and the story line is strong, intricate and draws you in but the plot pace is inconsistent, sometimes it moves with a fast, great flow and other times it drags.

The series is very dark and full of mystery & suspense. The action in the first two books, Darkfever and Bloodfever, is somewhat ‘eh’ but it gets better in Faefever and turns fast & intense.

Over all the series is a nice read but I was a bit disappointed with it in the begging. It seems to keep getting better and better though with each book so I am looking forward to the release of Shadowfever on January 18th.