Total Eclipse

Total Eclipse - Rachel Caine Read: 09/2010
Re-read: 09/2013
3.5 Stars

Total Eclipse, the last installment in the Weather Warden series, was just as fast paced and gripping as the rest of the series. If you love urban fantasy and are looking for a unique twist in the genre then I recommend you picking up book one, Ill Wind, immediately.
However, the ending, seeing as it is the end to the entire series, left me wanting. I still had many questions about David and Jo's relationship and was disappointed by their lack of an HEA. Yes, they were together, and things for the moment were right in the world, but there was no promise of forever with them. At least, not from what I felt. I don't want to spoil anything so I'll just suffice it to say that it would make me extremely happy to have another book from this series to wrap things up better. ;-)