Hunger Untamed

Hunger Untamed - Pamela Palmer Okay, I have a confession…I really didn’t like Kougar. He was just so cold, distant and not at all likeable. But that was before I read Hunger Untamed. Now I hate that the book had to end!

Kougar is from the times where shifter numbers were many, but when they had to put their powers together with the other immortals to trap Satanan they lost most of them and now there is only one shifter for every animal and the Feral Warriors were formed. Kougar was the chief of the Ferals until he lost his mate a thousand years ago. Since then he has been unable to feel and his senses are dampened. When he finds out that his mate is actually alive and their bond is reconnected he is angered beyond belief but she is the only one who can save his friends and fellow warriors from the spirit trap so he must face her and he has no qualms over forcing her to comply.
Ariana’s betrayal is not what it seems at first glance but she can never let Kougar know what really happened because the truth could end his life. They soon come to realize though that they must work together to save their people, but can they overcome their past hurts and trust each other again? Regardless, there is still an intense attraction between them that can’t be denied.
We later come to find out that this is an entire plot by the mage Hookeye, to capture all the feral warriors, that started a thousand years ago, and he will try to use to the bond between Kougar and Ariana to destroy them all.

I loved every moment of Hunger Untamed. It is fast paced with characters whose passion is palpable in each scene together. A compelling story filled with action and heartache; you won’t be able to put this book down.

I like how Palmer continues with the same overall story arc for the series but adds new aspects and plot points to each book so it keeps it interesting. We’re still worried about Satanan rising again but we face an all-new villain in Hunger Untamed.
This is a wonderful addition to the series and we learn more about how the Mages and Therians joined forces and combined their power to defeat Satanan originally. The race against the clock to save Tighe & Hawke will keep you on the edge of your seat and there is also a subplot involving Wolfe and a human named Natalie and her brother Xavier. Ecstasy Untamed, the 6th book in this series is due out at the end of November will feature Hawke, and with the tiny cliffhanger at the end of Hunger Untamed I am anxious to see what happens, though I hope we see more of Wolfe and Natalie as well. It’s sure to be entertaining regardless! This is a must read series for all romance lovers.