Eat Prey Love

Eat Prey Love - Kerrelyn Sparks Another great novel in the Love at Stake series from author Kerrely Sparks! In Eat Prey Love, Sparks takes you on a thrilling adventure through the Asian jungle wrought with danger, mystery and passion.

Carlos is on the hunt for a mate and he only has one requirement; she must be a were-panther. His race is endangered and he has been traveling across the world to find more of his kind; not just for himself but also for the five orphaned were-panther children that he has taken in.
When he meets eyes with the beautiful, Caitlyn Whelan, his instincts scream ‘Mine’ but he knows with one sniff that she isn’t a panther, and being Shanna’s sister and daughter to the head guy in the CIA’s Stake-Out Team make’s her even more off-limits. But Caitlyn is determined to explore their connection and prove to Carlos that she more then makes up for being merely mortal. With some wilily matchmakers to help her along Carlos has his work cut out for him trying to resist his tempting new co-worker and keep them alive through the perils of the jungle.

I have to admit that it took me a while to pick up this book because I really wasn’t that interested in Carlos; he’s gay, he’s not gay, but he is, no he’s not. I was still skeptical at the begging but after a few pages I got sucked into the story and it wouldn’t spit me out until the very end.
Eat Prey Love had action, adventure, mystery and sensuality; with old characters I loved and new intriguing characters introduced. It follows the events of The Vampire and the Virgin but is fabulous as a standalone; following it’s own smaller plot while the larger plot continues on in the background and throughout the series.
Carlos and Caitlyn had instantaneous electrifying chemistry, complete animal magnetism despite Caitlyn being mortal. Their passion is palpable in each scene together. Although Cailtyn came off a bit crazy-stalker-lady in the beginning, you have got to give her credit for sticking to her guns and not backing down. She sees what she wants and she doesn’t give up until she has it. And when these two get together they bring down the house. There relationship doesn’t fully develop until your well into the book and even then you still have a good amount of suspense in their relationship, which kept it interesting.
The action was continuous with several new twists that will be interesting to see how they affect the series in general and the world building written to perfection. Just what I like to see in my reads! A must read book and series all together!