Taken by Midnight

Taken by Midnight - Lara Adrian My thoughts:
If you haven’t read the whole series you can jump right into this book because there is a lot of recap, great for new readers, places to skim over for old readers.
I personally would recommend reading the series from the start. I’m a series reader though and don’t like picking up one book in the middle. I like to know the whole story and all the characters start to finish. And the Midnight Breed series is fantastic; filled with suspense and romance, thrills and danger and is dark and intense.

Taken by Midnight started out really good with a fast pace but then seemed to fizzle out a bit towards the middle. The plot arc was fabulous with intriguing revelations; it is just the main characters that were left wanting. And I’m major character person, thus the three hearts.

I wasn’t looking forward to Brock’s story when I first heard he was the next up, but I planned on reading it to continue on with the series, so maybe that is why I had a hard time connecting with him & Jenna. After reading TbM, they’re still not in my top favorite of Breed couples, dead last truthfully, and I still find Brock boring compared to the other warriors but I did fall just a little bit in love with them.
The potential was there in abundance but Brock lacked depth. He was a one incident in the past guilt ridden person who falls in lust then love with a kick-ass former Alaskan cop. Adrian could of done so much more with him! I will say this for him though; he is gentle & sweet and has Jenna’s back from the start.
And Jenna is a very strong female character with a tragic past but at times she acts a little too strong and really, bull headed & selfish imo.
There was an instant attraction between them, it was there in the last book and continues on in TbM. And that was hot, lead to a few steamy scenes but their relationship was very predictable, especially in a scene towards the end of the book.

Frustrating as all get out is there was absolutely no closure at the end of the book for anything. I know Adrian needs to leave the story line open for future books in the series but when we are talking about the main characters in this book there needs to be some closure there. It shouldn’t travel into the next one, that should be for Hunter and whoever his mate is going to be. I kept reading and reading, not being able to put it down, so I can see what was doing, what Jenna was turning into. (I know what she was turning into was obvious but I don’t want to spoil it.) And how this will affect her and Brock's relationship. Will there never be a blood bond? Brock also asks himself some of these same questions and others concerning certain aspects of his and Jenna’s relationship and future but he never answers or revisits them. It’s like he just forgets all his concerns. I thought Adrian should have and could have delved a lot deeper into this.

A plus: I very much enjoyed seeing what the other characters were up to. Maybe this should have been a ‘The Order, Revisited' book, an addition to the series, instead of one about Brock and Jenna. Adrian could up split it up and given them the time I think they deserve instead of using their book to just push the story forward. But I’m repeating myself.

All in all it was a good read and I’m looking forward to Deeper Than Midnight. The story itself was suspenseful with some insight on the villain, Dragos, his future plans and what The Order will be coming up against in the future.

*Spoiler Alert*
A big question I had at the end besides what Jenna turning into is what does Corrine need to take care of from her past? Is she going to be a future warrior love interest? I can see it.