The Demon Kiss

The Demon Kiss - Lacey Weatherford 3.5 Stars - Good

Following the events from The Trouble with Spells, the young witch Portia Mullins embarks on a journey with her two best friends, searching for her warlock boyfriend Vance Mangum who disappeared after nearly killing Portia. Vance is hunting down his evil warlock father, Damien, to take him down for good so he will no longer be a threat to those he loves. But Portia easily catches up to him and with a lot of determination convinces Vance to accept their help and the help of their coven.
Following a paper trail to Mexico they find Vance’s father and uncover his evil plans, which are even more terrifying then imagined…

The action is amped up in this exciting tale of magic and romance. I definitely enjoyed The Demon Kiss more then its predecessor, The Trouble with Spells. I really adore author, Lacey Weatherford, straight and to the point writing style. The plot moved quickly and consistently, the characters are more fleshed out here and a complexity is added to Portia and Vance’s relationship that was missing in the first novel.
There were times when I forgot that Portia was only sixteen because of the maturity shown in many areas but there was a lot more drama here in The Demon Kiss and in some scenes between Portia and Vance, Portia would go off on an emotional rant that quickly reminded me of her young age and even seemed a bit Twilight-esk. But thankfully, these scenes were few. There was also some cringe-worthy scenes when Vance and Portia openly talked about sex with her father and Portia would be seen leaving Vance's room in the morning . It’s an incredibly romantic story but as in the first novel, the adult/mother in me kept rearing her head to say ‘Yeah right!’
Vance receives a whole new dimension in The Demon Kiss and an intriguing dark side that I hope to see more of in future installments. Brad and Shelly have developed a more decisive role as well, and their humorous dialogues added key elements to the story. Surprising twists were interweaved with the additional action and really pushed this novel forward.

Action, romance, tension and espionage makes The Demon Kiss an exciting paranormal romance for young adult readers.