The Vampire Dimitri (The Regency Draculia)

The Vampire Dimitri (The Regency Draculia) - Colleen Gleason 3.5 stars

The Vampire Dimitri was a good read from a sensational author. Though I feel that this series can’t stand up to Gleason’s Gardella’s it is still an enjoyable read.
However, the first half of this novel I could of skipped with the exception of maybe two scenes. I would of thought that The Vampire Dimitri, being the second novel in the Regency Draculia series, would of started off after the events in The Vampire Voss but the first 150+ pages was a recounting of that first book from the two main characters, Maia and Dimitri, point of view. In The Vampire Voss, there were numerous scenes from their POV, so it was a bit redundant to go into it again here.
Once you get past that and into the second half of the novel though, it starts getting good.
I loved the main characters here, Dimitri and Maia. Dimitri has been searching for a way to break his convent with Lucifer from almost the very beginning and he utilizes all his time and resources for this purpose, leaving very little to socialize or leave his study - period. And because of the circumstances surrounding his pact with the devil he is wary to trust others, especially women. His loyalty, strength and sense of right & wrong though really made me admire him.
Maia is a strong, spunky, take-charge woman who sometimes got to be a bit long winded but entertaining. I really liked these two’s dialogues with each other, their back & forth, and the determinedness to do the right thing for those they care for despite the loss to themselves. Their relationship and romance was a bit slow going but it’s always nice to take a break from the hot & heaviness found in a lot of the romance genres.
The writing and world building was fantastic, just what I expect from Colleen Gleason. If it weren’t for my issues with the first half of the novel The Vampire Dimitri would have had a higher rating. Overall though it was a good read and I look forward to the next in the series. This one hinted at a possible love triangle in The Vampire Narcise, which I am a sucker for.